When it comes to selling a service to the public, it’s all about the details.


There are so many pieces to this puzzle: Data protection. Terms of service. And what about intellectual property rights? In the rapidly evolving and ever-changing web world, you need legal counsel that is up-to-date on policies and can implement a plan that meets your business’s unique legal needs.

Because the reality is, you never know what could happen. And if you aren’t planning for every eventuality, chances are good it will come back to bite you in the SaaS.

And I'm just the attorney to help you get there.

An Attorney Who Gets It

Hey, I’m Chris and I’m not your average attorney. As an intellectual property and patent lawyer, I have expertise in protecting your big ideas (and how you implement them).

I also understand the specialized needs of your company because I have been just where you are. As the CEO and co-founder of two successful SaaS businesses, LawHustle and CompFox, I had to start from scratch and grow my understanding of legal protections in the SaaS industry.

In building these two companies, I mastered navigating legal protection for online businesses. And now, I help other SaaS and marketing agencies implement comprehensive and complete coverage to keep their businesses safe (and legally sound).

When building a legal protection plan, the “copy and paste” approach will leave you exposed. I will do a deep dive into your business and spot all the holes that could leave you at risk.

I'm Ready! Let's Get Started!

Get A Customized Legal Blueprint That Covers Your SaaS

I understand that working with a lawyer can be costly, especially if you’re still in the start-up phase. That’s why I offer a flat rate consultation fee. So you have complete transparency (and get exactly what you pay for).

When you work with me, you’ll receive a personalized, full-scale legal plan and have the confidence and clarity to know where to take action.

Here’s how I’ll make that happen:

Deep Dive Legal Consultation & Intensive Strategy Session

We’ll go through the ins and outs of your SaaS so that I have the complete scope of your business. Expect a thorough cross-examination of how your company interacts with your customer base (and their data). We’ll discuss licensing agreements, privacy laws, ensuring security with third-party apps, your limitation of liability clauses, and so much more.

Your Customized Business Legal Blueprint

Within 3-5 days following our strategy session, you’ll receive a complete overview of the legal protections your company needs. This will detail the contracts, trademarks, and a privacy & data protection regime needed to create a rock-solid legal fortress for your company. You’ll have a comprehensive action plan to ensure all aspects of your business are covered (and your future secure).

Taking Action To Protect Your SaaS

Once you have your plan, it’s time to start implementing it. I can build the custom contracts and legal protections your company will need as it grows. Your intellectual property is precious, and you need to keep it safe. I’m an attorney with extensive experience in your industry (and who can offer you the best value).

Special Offer To Get Started

The entire cost of this comprehensive legal protection plan is $1000. I will credit $500 of that fee towards future legal services that directly assist you with implementing your blueprint.

Think your biz is ready, but not quite sure it’s time for the Business Legal Deep Dive?

I get that. So let’s chat and see if we’re a good fit. Schedule a call below.

Yes, Sign My SaaS Up For A Free Call!

My Industry Is Your Industry

Your legal needs (like those tricky Terms and Conditions) are as unique as your company. And while you pride yourself on being a go-getter and change-maker, this is the place where a DIY approach is not your friend. Put your trust in someone who gets it and has first-hand (and hard-won) experience in the tech industry.

Take it from Dar Holdsworth, a visionary SaaS owner & founder:

“Chris Lyle is one of us. He understands your business. Not only is he a practicing attorney (and knows all that attorney mumbo jumbo), but he is a Saas user as well. So he knows what your business needs.”