When it comes to selling a service to the public, it’s all about the details.

Getting into the particulars of a legal agreement may seem like overkill (does anyone actually read that fine print?), but locking them down is absolutely critical in ensuring your company’s future success.

Because the reality is, you never know what could happen. And if you aren’t planning for every eventuality, chances are good it will come back to bite you in the SaaS.

It’s Time To Get It In Writing

I offer full-scale SaaS contract drafting that keeps you covered and on track to meet your business goals. From data protection regimes to licensing agreements, I can prepare the contracts you need to operate your company (and keep your SaaS covered).

How can contracts keep your biz secure? Let’s get into it.

Limit Your Liability

If you are in the business of helping other people make money (which many SaaS providers are), then you need to get specific about where your responsibility lies. Because if someone has a bad quarter, they may decide it’s your fault. Without a precise limitation of liability clause, your assets might land in litigation. That could cost you thousands (and even bankrupt your business).

Clarify Terms of Use

Service contracts regulate the conditions and responsibilities you have to the customer (and, conversely, the requirements they must meet to receive your service). Avoid tons of customer headaches in the future by creating complete transparency around how they can (and cannot) use your software, how you manage subscription fees, and ensure data security. (You’ll thank me later!)

Protect Your Property

Your intellectual property is a valuable asset to your company. Licensing agreements establish the terms of how customers are utilizing your software (and what access they have to your source code). Get the rights to your creation on paper because someone out the far reaches of the internet may try to steal it. (Believe me, it happens!)

Avoid overwhelming financial and logistical hardships with the right legal agreements on your side. But how will you know which ones your company needs?

That’s where I come in.

Building The Blueprint For SaaS Success

What makes my service different? I don’t offer contract drafting a la cart because each SaaS company’s needs will vary widely. So to deliver rock-solid contracts, I need the full scope of your service to identify the areas that need the most protection.

And you will love the end result. You’ll receive a personalized, full-scale solution that allows your company to push forward confidently into the future, knowing your SaaS is well and truly covered.

And this is how we’ll get there:

Deep Dive Legal Consultation & Intensive Strategy Session

Exploring the structures of your software service and the bones of your business will reveal exactly what contracts you need (and how to ensure you don’t get caught in any legal loopholes). I’ll strategically examine your payment agreements, third-party security plans, data protection, licensing agreements (and more).

Your Customized Business Legal Blueprint

Turn around is fast. Within 3-5 days following our strategy session, you’ll have the complete outline for the legal protections your company requires. I’ll include what contracts, trademarks, and a privacy & security regime your company needs to be safe (and legally) sound. Implement this custom blueprint confidently, knowing your SaaS is covered.

Activate Your Action Plan

Once we have completed the overview, I will draft the exact contracts your company needs. With the full scope of your intended service agreements, I’ll be able to include the specific details that will ensure complete transparency with your customer base (and absolute legal security for your SaaS).

Let Me Sweeten The Deal

The flat-rate fee for the initial 2-hour deep dive consultation is $1000. $500 of that fee will go straight to the contract drafting costs, allowing you to get high-quality and comprehensive legal services at an incredible value.

Put it On Paper and Protect Your SaaS

As an intellectual property attorney and a two-time SaaS CEO & co-founder, I am up-to-date with current regulations that impact SaaS businesses like yours. I understand the unique legal needs of software companies (and what mistakes to avoid to prevent massive headaches later).

And the biggest mistake the other guys make? According to Dar Holdsworth, co-founder, and CEO of multiple SaaS companies, it’s copy-and-paste style contracts.

“I know that some businesses out there will kinda take the easy road, and they'll go find another business’s terms of use and just copy them and use them as their own. And let me warn you against that. That was made for them, not for you… Chris will put together contracts that are specific to your SaaS business to protect you.”

Dar is 100% right. Every company has a different approach (which makes your business unique!) and requires its own set of clauses, conditions, and terms. Custom drafting is essential for your company because the cookie-cutter contracts available online just don’t cut it.

Protect your SaaS-ets!

Book your deep dive consultation today, and I’ll make sure you have the iron-clad service contracts needed to secure your SaaS (and your future).

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