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Whether you’ve received your Deep Dive Consultation [Insert URL] and customized plan or are just getting started with my services . . .

You’ve no doubt realized the business integrity you’ve worked hard to build is still vulnerable to theft from shameless competitors.

If so (or you’re even a little unsure!), this will be one of the best opportunities you have all year.

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A Tale Of Two SaaS Businesses

It’s an all too familiar occurrence . . .

Two SaaS businesses, in the same market, started at the same time. Other than their origin story, they’re very much alike.

Both have a respectable user base. Both have debugged, added new features, and polished their branding more than anyone could count. And both have all the makings to become the dominant player in their space.

But there is ONE key difference:

The first SaaS has one breakthrough after another and goes on to be worth more than it ever envisioned.

The other gets their hard work ripped off and has to waste time and funding getting bogged down with legal hassles—potentially losing their fight.

It’s not right. But it is reality for many businesses, regardless of their service or niche.

This Difference Boils Down To: Trademarks

In a world quick to copycat others’ success . . .

Obtaining a trademark is more important than ever.

Hiring an intellectual property attorney to secure your company’s trademark ensures your SaaS is truly covered.

Because let’s face it:

The legal system can be very complex (and admittedly expensive). Navigating this key piece of your business solo saves money if done right. But the potential costs of getting it wrong can be devastating.

  • Theft of your brand’s logo and overall identity
  • Competitors gaining senior legal rights to YOUR work
  • Accidentally being the one to infringe on an existing trademark
  • Seemingly endless legal hassles to fight for your intellectual property (IP)

The list goes on, but the bottom line is this:

Without proper trademark filing and protection . . . your business is at huge risk of having your competitors use your own words, slogans, symbols, branding, and IP against you.

And that’s where my versatility and KickSaaS Legal expertise comes in!

Trademark Research, Prosecution & Protection Unlike Any Other

My experience in this area is two-fold:

I’m not just highly experienced and trusted as an intellectual property attorney.

I’m also the owner of a successful SaaS-based business (my agency), like you! So forget “a mile” — I’ve spent YEARS walking my SaaS off in your shoes.

In other words, I’m in the perfect position to help your SaaS business or agency with:

In-depth Trademark Research

THIS is the foundation to avoid future legal issues and costs surrounding a missing or poorly filed trademark. I’ll do the heavy lifting to ensure there is no potential conflict with existing trademarks.

A-Z Trademark Prep & Filing

In addition to helping you discover what areas of your SaaS you can and should trademark, there’s the critical step of filing. (Fun times, right?!) You’ll have me in your corner the whole way to prepare and process your trademark registration with ease.

360° “SaaS-hole” Protection

In all industries and areas of life, there are people who look for any mistake or loophole they can take advantage of. Same for business. I can offer you total peace of mind that yours is properly trademarked, and thus, fully protected.

Increased Value via Trademarked Assets

Did you know trademarks can appreciate over time? The more your bottom line and brand reputation grow, the more valuable (and critical) having trademarked assets becomes!

Last and just as exciting of all . . .

Your $500 Waiver For Trademark Legal Services Is Instantly Available


Once you have invested in a Deep Dive Business Legal Consultation, you’re automatically entitled to applying $500 of that to your trademark service or any legal service purchased.

Taking advantage of this is simple:

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  • P.S. In a nutshell, I have deep experience as both an intellectual property attorney and fellow SaaS-based business owner. I can help you navigate the entire trademark research and filing process, ensuring your IP and overall business and brand integrity are protected.

    Plus, the $500 credit from investing in your Deep Dive is immediately available.