We Don’t Mean To Bust Your SaaS, But . . .

Your business deals with big-league legal stuff:

  • Process

  • Data

  • Privacy

So if you're operating without ironclad legal protections, you're doing so at your own risk.

Just one hole in your legal framework could cost your business its brand identity, its reputation, or its funding.

That’s why every SaaS business needs a well-structured legal plan to protect its intellectual property and its customers.

Think You’ve Got Your SaaS-ets In Order?. . .

It's Not Enough To:

  • Rely on generic templates from online contract generators that don't know their head from their SaaS.
  • Copy and paste Terms & Conditions from the competition. (Your business is different for a reason!)
  • Leave the legal stuff for later because you're "just a start-up" or you "can't find the right lawyer."

The good news? It’s easy to figure out exactly what you need to do to protect your brand . . . without draining your entire budget to pay for a lawyer who just doesn’t get your SaaS.

Sound Legal Advice Changes Everything For SaaS Businesses

When you work with an experienced intellectual property attorney to craft your legal plan, you'll discover how to...

  • Ensure your proprietary processes and brand assets remain just that – proprietary.
  • Implement legal safeguards that instill unwavering trust (and brand loyalty) in your clients.
  • Set your business on a long-term growth trajectory and confidently increase its value.
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Kick-Start Lasting SuccessWith KickSaaSLegal

Our In-Depth Business Consultation And Custom Legal Blueprint

Will Whip Your SaaS Into Shape

Not so crazy about creating contracts? Trademarks make you want to trade in your title? Feel like your intellectual property is at risk( . . . because it is)?

Let's do something about that.

. . . And it all starts with our Business Legal Deep Dive: a comprehensive business evaluation and customized legal blueprint.

Together, we'll dissect your business model, your strategic vision, and your legal liabilities. Then, you'll unlock a custom legal action plan that reveals exactly what legal protections you’ll need to cover your SaaS and build a solid foundation for continued growth.

It’s the fastest way to get the tailored, straight-to-the-point legal guidance you require – without all the extra fluff.

Want To Kick-Start Your Growth?

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Why KickSaaS Legal?

When they're in need of business-related legal guidance, many SaaS leaders turn to the first – or cheapest – lawyer they can find. That's just SaaS-backwards.

Only a lawyer who knows SaaS can truly understand your strategic vision and help you navigate the nuances of this ever-evolving industry.

If you’re running a SaaS business or a marketing agency, you need legal advice from the expert who shares your community and your goals.

Our attorney isn’t just a lawyer. He’s a SaaS business owner.

And as such, he’s uniquely positioned to strategize a plan and offer legal guidance that makes sense for your SaaS business and aligns with your vision of success.

Book A Consult With The SaaS-ier Lawyer
  • The clarity you need to cut through the noise and rise to the top of the marketplace

  • Expert guidance on implementing the legal safeguards that will keep you protected

  • The option to secure additional legal services from the team who gets your goals (because we have the same ones!)

Here’s How It Works

The Business Legal Deep Dive is a straightforward, two-step process:

1. Schedule An Intensive Strategy Consultation

Even if you already have contracts, security policies, and brand protections in place, they might not be as sound as you think. And they're likely not designed to accommodate the increased liabilities and exposure you'll incur as your business expands. So before you make any legal – or business – moves, you need to consult the professionals. That's where we come in.

We'll meet for a 2-hour consultation to thoroughly assess your existing legal framework and your strategic business objectives. The purpose of this call is to gather the intel we need to craft an entirely custom legal blueprint for your business. We won't chew your SaaS out. But do come prepared to take a deep dive into your operations, business model, and long-term vision.

2. Unlock Your Custom Legal Blueprint

Your business is unique. And your legal plan should be too. That’s just smart SaaS. After your intensive strategy consultation, our team will get to work on your custom legal action plan. Armed with the insights we uncover during your consultation, we'll use our extensive legal expertise and first-hand knowledge of the SaaS industry to craft a comprehensive legal blueprint that supports your business goals.

You'll discover the precise legal protections you must implement to ensure your brand is secure and your business is safely positioned to achieve lasting success. And you’ll be able to put our recommendations to work quickly – your tailored legal blueprint will arrive in your inbox just three to five days after your consultation.

. . . And if you decide you like our style – and our no-fluff legal guidance – you cantake things one step further:

3. Accelerate Your Success (Optional)

Your custom blueprint will detail every legal action you'll need to take to protect your brand. And there's absolutely no obligation to work with Kick SaaS Legal after your Deep Dive. But here's the thing: finding a lawyer you trust can be a pain in the SaaS.

So if you have aggressive goals that require aggressive legal protections, you can accelerate your success by engaging our services – including contract drafting and trademark prosecution. We’ll even give you an exclusive discount to do so . . .

Protect Your Business Without Working Your SaaS Off

  • One 2-Hour Intensive Strategy Consultation

  • One Custom Legal Blueprint

    (delivered within five days of consult)

. . . For a one-time, flat-ratepayment of $1000

Plus, you’ll unlock a $500 credit for any future KickSaaS Legal service you may require.

Meet Chris Lyle - Intellectual Property Attorney | Business Owner | “Certified Smart SaaS”

Our founder is an intellectual property attorney who's been helping SaaS businesses and marketing agencies navigate the legal world for over 7 years.

Before opening his own law firm in 2016 and starting KickSaaS Legal in 2022, Chris was a successful patent attorney for a Fortune 500 consumer electronics company. He also has large-scale international law firm experience under his belt.