Your Digital SaaS-ets Are Exposed.

Discover How to Shield Your Brand (And Elevate Its Value!) with Our Business Legal Intensive Consultation and Custom Legal Blueprint.

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We Don’t Mean To Bust Your SaaS, But...

Your venture is navigating through the digital realm's legal intricacies: data privacy, intellectual property, and complex contractual landscapes. Operating without robust legal protections is akin to sailing in stormy seas without a lifejacket.

Just one oversight in your legal defenses could dismantle your brand's identity, tarnish its reputation, or evaporate its funding. That’s why every digital business, especially those in the SaaS sphere, needs a bulletproof legal strategy to safeguard its intellectual property and customer trust.

Think You’ve Got Your Digital SaaS-ets in a Row?

...It's Not Enough To:

  • Depend on generic contract templates from sources that can't tell their cloud from their SaaS.
  • Mimic Terms & Conditions from your competitors. (Your business is unique for a reason!)
  • Postpone legal planning because you're "just a startup" or you "haven't found the right lawyer yet."

The Good News? Securing your digital empire is simpler than you think, and it doesn't require emptying your coffers on lawyers who don't grasp the nuances of your digital or SaaS business.


Sound Legal Advice Transforms Digital Ventures

Engaging with an experienced intellectual property attorney to devise your legal strategy can

  • Ensure your proprietary processes and digital assets remain exclusively yours.
  • Build ironclad trust (and brand loyalty) among your clients
  • Propel your business on a trajectory of sustainable growth and value enhancement.
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Kick-Start Lasting Success With KickSaaS Legal

Our In-Depth Business Consultation And Custom Legal Blueprint Will Get Your Digital Assets in Shipshape.

Tired of navigating the murky waters of contract creation? Does the thought of trademarks make you want to hit the eject button? Concerned that your intellectual property is hanging by a thread (...because it is)? It's time to take decisive action.

KickSaaS Legal equips digital business owners, entrepreneurs, marketing agencies, and SaaS businesses with the legal armory needed to not just survive but thrive:


SaaS-Specific Legal Consultation


Ironclad Contract Creation


Trademark Preparation, Filing & Prosecution

...And it all begins with our Business Legal Deep Dive: a comprehensive evaluation of your business and a tailor-made legal blueprint designed for your success.

Together, we'll dissect your business model, strategic vision, and potential legal pitfalls. You'll emerge with a bespoke legal action plan that outlines the exact protections you need to secure your digital and SaaS assets and lay a solid foundation for growth.

Want To Kick-Start Your Growth?

Why KickSaaS Legal? We’re SaaS-ier Than Just Lawyers

When seeking business-related legal guidance, many digital leaders settle for the first or cheapest option available. That's backward thinking. Only a lawyer who intimately understands the digital and SaaS landscapes can align with your strategic vision and guide you through this ever-evolving industry.

Whether you're steering a digital business, launching a startup, running a marketing agency, or scaling a SaaS, you need legal advice from an expert who's part of your world, shares your goals, and has faced your challenges.

Our attorney isn’t just any lawyer; he’s a seasoned navigator of the digital and SaaS ecosystems. This unique perspective allows us to strategize and provide legal guidance that resonates with your business objectives and aligns with your vision of success.

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Ready To Fortify Your Digital Business?

Your Business Legal Deep Dive Delivers:

  • The clarity needed to distinguish your brand in the digital marketplace.
  • Expert guidance on implementing the legal safeguards that keep your digital assets protected.
  • The option to secure additional legal services from a team that understands your ambitions (because we share them!)

The Business Legal Deep Dive is a straightforward, two-step process:


Schedule An Intensive Strategy Consultation

Even if you believe your contracts, security policies, and brand protections are solid, they might not be as comprehensive as you think. Before making any legal or business moves, it's crucial to consult with professionals. That's where we come in.


Unlock Your Custom Legal Blueprint

Your business is one-of-a-kind, and your legal strategy should be too. That’s just smart SaaS. After your intensive strategy consultation, our team will craft a custom legal action plan. 

Leveraging insights from your consultation, we'll use our extensive legal expertise and firsthand knowledge of the digital and SaaS industries to develop a comprehensive legal blueprint that supports your business goals.


Protect Your Digital Business

Without Working Your SaaS Off

Secure your business effortlessly. Your comprehensive Business Legal Deep Dive includes:

  • One 1.5 Hour Intensive Strategy Consultation
  • One Custom Legal Blueprint (delivered within five days of consult)

...For a one-time, flat-rate…simple as that.

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Hear from satisfied clients who've transformed their businesses with KickSaaS Legal's services. From startups to established digital enterprises, our clients have secured their legal foundations and focused on growth, thanks to our expert guidance.


"I know that some businesses out there will kinda take the easy road, and they'll go find another business’s terms of use and just copy them and use them as their own. And let me warn you against that. That was made for them, not for you… Chris will put together contracts that are specific to your SaaS business to protect you."

Dar Holdsworth

Ready to Protect Your Digital Business?

Don't let legal uncertainties hold you back. With KickSaaS Legal, you gain a partner dedicated to your business's legal security and success. Explore our services, take advantage of our special offers, and join the ranks of digital businesses thriving with solid legal foundations.

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